Our Goals

URTravel Ecosystem that rewards customer engagement and loyalty.

To provide a decentralized data-exchange platform that stands to change the game in the travel industry. It is based on a public, open-source blockchain that will be fully managed by the system’s users.

  • No Commission Marketplace (Third Parties & Online travel agent).

  • Secure, Transparent & Faster transaction system.

  • Better incentive program for travelers & travel providers.

  • Content-based sharing of traveler’s data.

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Change the Way You Travel

Welcome to URtravel, Your number one source for traveling which is Simple, Secure and Reliable.

URTravel is introduced with all new traveling experiences. We are devoted to giving you the foremost services with a focus on characteristics like expensive booking fees, lack of information and slow payment procedures. URTravel is all decentralized and the travelers reap the benefits in which your traveling experience can be traded with URToken.

Travelers have control of their data with the help of URTravel, traveling has become a lot easier.

Established YouRoute travel ecosystem for booking & sharing travel plans already has collected a huge amount of data which will be transferred to the URTravel blockchain

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Only 3 Steps To Earn URToken


Travel through URtravel

Pay for transportation, accommodations and entertainment services during your traveling, provided by travel providers and leisure travelers.


Share your experience

Our system will empower travelers by giving them control of their data and making it possible for them to submit it in exchange for tangible benefits.


Earn URToken

Travelers will earn URTokens based on bookings and on the content they share about their travel experience. The more data they share, the more tokens they will receive.

Salient Features

Smart Contracts based Governance

Once the terms of the contract are met, the smart contract protocol automatically triggers the fulfillment of the agreement.

Publicly accessible Blockchain

URTravel ecosystem will be open source and accessible publicly for third party developers as well.

Authorship and Ownership Protection

Smart contracts are impeccable of short term authorized Iterations and unauthorized changes. Hence, You own your data.

Incentivization program

URTravel smart contracts will incentivize top travelers and travel services providers which will be assessed based on the value generated to URTravel Ecosystem.

Instant Secure payments

Blockchain technology has the capability to process 500+ peer to peer secure transactions per second.

Far Less Booking Fees

Travel service providers will be able to cut marketing costs and boost their margins by offering individualized travel packages.

Why Use URTravel

The core value of URTravel is to provide companies with personalized user information that was shared with informed consent.

Travel through URToken

Customers will enjoy exciting travel opportunities with more streamlined and inspiring travel planning process within their price range.

Exchange your cryptocurrency

Customer can exchange their URToken and any cryptocurrency on URT Exchange platform.

Buy URToken

Travel providers can create their own reward tokens using URToken. Customers will reap rewards in the form of URTokens and branded tokens.

URToken Allocation

Token Sale ends in December 2019.


Successful RoadMap

URTravel Journey

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What exactly is URT Token?

The URT Token serves as a fuel for the URTravel ecosystem and can be used for the Payment for transportation services, accommodations, and entertainment during traveling, provided by companies and leisure travelers. Anyone can earn tokens by sharing his\her traveling experience and it will be exchanged to any currency on URT exchange.

Q.What’s your overall strategy?

URTravel contributes to bringing the traveling facilities on the transparency of the Blockchain Ecosystem with more than a decade worth of Traveling data. With the hyper ledger investment system, Travelers can earn URTokens based on bookings and the information travelers share, while the Travel Providers can have the full benefits of a newly needed transparent ecosystem that is fully automated, utilizing advanced AI to transfer all rewards through cryptocurrency and the Blockchain system.

Q.What is blockchain?

A blockchain is a technology on which cryptocurrency is based. A blockchain is a continuously growing list of records called blocks that are linked and secured using cryptography.

Q.What is a cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets.

Q.What is IEO?

IEO is the best breakthrough where projects and investors are no longer confused to face the future after the fundraising process is complete. Investors and platforms are easily facilitated by exchange from the process of collecting funds and later trade activities.

Q.How much should I invest?

Cryptocurrency mining is not without risk, and we are open and candid about those risks in our White Paper.